17 Different Types Of Chaknas You Can Prefer With Your Drinks

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No matter how expensive drink you are going to drink now, what makes sense is a plate full of chaknas kept besides you. Whether it is cheap as peanuts or it is tandoori chicken with your beer chaknas play a major role in enhancing the taste of your drink and lifting up the mood. Well, here are different types of chaknas you can prefer with your drink.

Here is a list Of Different Types of Chaknas…

1. Bhujia

Bhujia as daru chakhna

2. Chana

chana masala as daru chakhna

3. Potato Chips

Bowl of crisps

4. Fish fry

fish fry

5. Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts as chakhna

6. Peanuts

Salted, roasted, peanuts.

7. Masala Papad

masala papad as daru chakna

8. Tandoori Chicken

tandoori chicken as chakhna

9. Cheese Balls

cheese balls as chakhna

10. Fish Fingers

Fish Fingers as chakhna

11. Chicken Kebab

chicken kebab as daru chakhna

12. Paneer Tikka

Achari Paneer Tikka as chakhna

13. Veg Crispy

Veg crispy as chakhna

14. Stuffed Mushroom

stuffed mushroom

15. French Fries

french fries as chakhna

16. Cheeselings

Cheese Lings as chakhna

17. Chicken Crispy

crispy chicken as chakhna

Image Source : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

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