14 Must Read Facts About India’s P0rn Watching Habits

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It was few months back, when the country had to ask  itself “whether it is slowly growing into a large p0rn hub or they were just the habits”. However, 2014 research study says, any data released by p0rn hub attracts a guaranteed and maximum traffic from India. It is “Teen” who comes second, but “Indian” have ranked first in the beautiful world of p0rnography. Here we mention you some of the facts about that relieves Indian p0rn culture and the most common p0rn watching habits in India.

1. Surprisingly, every Indian ultimately settle down with Indian origin Canadian p0rn star Sunny Leone, followed by Lisa Ann and Priya Rai.

sunny leone hotsource

2. When a new p0rn is released, it is always able to attract 70% of traffic from India.

anushka sharma gifsource

3. A survey says, the number of viewer’s automatically rises up in the month of November (Diwali vacation) and December (Christmas vacation) and off course May (the long vacation) . Which means, majority of p0rn viewers are teens going to college.

Aishwarya funny gifSource

4. 25% of all p0rn viewers in India are women.

India's porn watching habits - 25% of porn watching viewers are womensource

5. Surprisingly, if Indian wanted to search any p0rn star on Google, it would always start with “Indian” or “Desi”

ranbir kapoor gifsource

6. P0rn watching habits of India includes majority of  people watching p0rn on mobile, rather than your desktop.

shahrukh khan desperatesource

7. “Indian Bhabhi” is consistently in the top 5 most searched terms on P0rnHub in India followed by Desi Aunty, Indian mom, Indian teen.

savita bhabhi hotsource

8. P0rn viewership automatically dips down at the eve of Diwali, Ganesh chaturthi, Dusshera, Gandhi Jayanthi and New year.

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9. But on the other hand, the viewership boost up at Rakhi, Independence day and republic day.

Varun Dhavan funny gif - gossipkatta.comsource

10. While people from all around the world watch p0rn on Mondays, Indian viewership rises unexpectedly on Saturday night and becomes least on Sunday.

India's porn watching habits, viewership rises on saturday - gossipkatta.comsource

11. When it comes to clicks on any adult p0rn sits, Indian ranks fifth in the world.

Imran Khan gifsource

12. The data shows that users in Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi and the north eastern states spend the most amount of time on the site, and visit more number of pages than other states.

Alia Bhatt funny - gossipkatta.comsource

13. While the country views an average of 7.32 pages per session (compared to the global average of 7.6), Mizoram and Delhi clock in more than 8, which is by far the highest in the country.

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14. The national average time spent in one session of p0rn-viewing is 8.22 minutes that is 34 seconds less than the global average.

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