This 10 Year Old Boy Is The Fattest Child In The World And Weighs 192 Kg!

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There lives a 10-year-old boy in Indonesia who weighs 192 Kgs and is fattest child in the world. Arya, the Fattest Child In The World eats 5 times a day, but he consumes food of two people every time he eats.  Which means he eats food of 10 people in one day.

fattest child in the world arya

Arya is so fat, that his parents find it extremely difficult to get clothes for him, and he always needs to wear a sarong.

According to his mother, “He is always tired and complains of shortness of breath. He only eats and sleeps, and when he is not done with both, he jumps into the bathtub and stays there for hours.”

Arya Permana fattest child in world

Arya had to leave school because he is unable to walk. If Arya walks long distances he feels extremely tired and hence his parents are extremely worried about this.

Arya Permana fattest child in world from indonesia

According to this mother, Arya was born as a perfect healthy child but later there were many changes in him. It seems like the child is suffering through massive problem with his digestion and metabolism act, which even doctors are not able to detect.

fattest child in the world

Arya’s father is a farmer and cannot afford his treatment in the hospital and has to borrow money to feed his only child. However, his parents will now feed Arya with brown rice which will help to stalabize his health and boost digestion in the body.

His story has worried lots of people as this condition of Arya will get worst in futher.

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