10 Foods To Avoid If You Are Trying To Loose Weight

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Every person wants to trim down his weight and get a hotter body. It is not always for cutting down on your weight, you need to buy those expensive memberships of gym or go on a strict dieting. There are many foods that are weight friendly help can help you to burn fats soon, but what about those which can add on some pounds the each time to eat them. Check out these 10 foods to avoid while trying to loose weight.

1. Low fats food

Drop that spoon down! You need to know something more about what actually low fat food is. While the making of these low fats food, the fat is being removed and to maintain the flavour back some artificial sugar and ingredients are added which can be worse.

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2. Preserved food

Nothing new about these – they can be worst for you if you are on diet control. The preservatives added in the food to keep it fresh every time can bloat up in your body and restrain from losing weight.

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3. Anything with more sugar content

Read the labels and avoid any food stuffs that have more Sugar levels. No matter how hard you would be trying to loose on your weight, sugar sets you back there.

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4. White flours

Bread or pasta made with white flour is not good for your healthy; they add more pounds instantly to your weight. You can adjust down with something homemade healthy food.



5. Cut down on Alcohol

This is the most sick and common reason why you aren’t actually putting down on your weight. Alcohol contains large amount of sugar which adds to your weight easily.

Sourcesay no to alcohol

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6. Multigrain products

This is just a fancy word introduced in the market, do not be fooled by multigrain products that do nothing besides helping you gain weight. Go for whole grain products.

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7. Ice creams

Every ones love to grab ice-cream and eat it all. But this is not for you if you are concerned for cutting down some body weight. Avoid ice creams as much as possible because they contain artificial preservatives and lots of sugar.



8. Anything with Carbohydrates

Be careful with anything with Carbohydrates in it, when you bite that bread, cereals, rice cakes, the body converts the carbohydrates into sugar which rushes to add weight for you.

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9. Canned fruit

There is a fitness myth that all fruit and fruit juices help you to curb weight loss. Canned fruit or canned fruit juices are entirely made out of artificial preservatives and sugar, so try to avoid these artificial foods.

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10. Desserts

The most important out of all, the most tempting thing can be worst for your health. Avoid any types of desserts even chocolates, cakes or pudding which may be harmful to your body.


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Active in web design and development for over 5 years, I have experience in writing for top public blogs in India. Well versed in most aspects of social media.

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