Omg! This Girl Looks So Much Like Priyanka Chopra

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Is it really Priyanka Chopra? This would be the first question that will cross your mind whenever you have a look at these pictures. This girl started sharing pictures on Instagram and took the internet by storm just because This Girl Looks Like Priyanka Chopra she carries a face similar to popular Bollywood star, Priyanka Chopra.

Navpreet Banga is a Vancouver-based fitness blogger and she looks exactly like PeeCee. Navpreet uploads her pictures daily on Instagram and also has a youtube channel called Browngirllifts where she talks about taking weights with any discomfort. She is currently enjoying her life and is happy to tell the fans around that she loves and looks so much similar to famous Bollywood star. Not only this, Navpreet has also got a much identical tattoo that Priyanka Chopra has got.

Here Are Some Pictures Of Girl Looks Like Priyanka Chopra







When its a sunny day in #Vancouver

A photo posted by Navpreet Banga (@browngirllifts) on




A photo posted by Navpreet Banga (@browngirllifts) on

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