Whoa! This Guy Booked Whole Theater For His Wife To Watch Sultan

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This Guy Booked Whole Theater For His Wife To Watch Sultan, and I am still struggling here to buy a single ticket. Tickets of Sultan are skyrocketing with 700 to 800 in Mumbai and Delhi and 1700 Rs in NCR. Amidst the money constraints, this guy comes to do unthinkable and gets the whole theater booked for his wife to watch Sultan.

booked the theatre

A New Delhi-based educationist, Shankar Musafir booked an entire 120-seater show to surprise his wife, Geetanjali who is a big fan of Salman Khan.

The couple got married this year and Shankar shared something on what made her book the whole theater. Here is what he said,
“When Bajrangi Bhaijaan was released, Geetanjali asked me to get five tickets for the show. But I could not arrange it. Now, I decided to surprise her by booking the entire show.”

He booked the ARV Cinemas in Gurukul Mall in Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh where the Managing director was surprised as they were.

“He booked all the seats in the theater and told him he will come with 120 people. But we were surprised to find that he came only with his wife.” said the Manager.

Here is what Geetanjali said, “I am so happy. I don’t think anybody has given such a surprise to his wife in Hamirpur!”

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