How Much Sidhu Charges For Laughing On Kapil Sharma Show Will Blow Your Mind

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Former cricketer, Sidhu Paaji is well known for his laughter. Sidhu Paaji has earned names for himself through comedy and the talent of laughing that he possess. You know what is the secret behind this laughter of Sidhu? Well, because he keeps on earning crores and crores for laughing on the sets.

For appearing on Kapil Sharma show, Sidhu charges crores and crores and all his demands are fulfilled because he is the only one who can laugh and urge others to laugh as well. So, here is how much Sidhu charges for laughing on Kapil Sharma show
According to recent reports, it is said that Sidhu earns 8-10 lakhs per week from Kapil’s show. After getting retired from his cricket career, Sidhu joined the TV industry and by now he is earning Lakhs in just a matter of 7 days. He is earning this much for just laughing hardly for one or two hours on the show of Kapil Sharma. Great isn’t it?
Well, now after you hear the earning of Sidhu from Kapil Sharma Show, everyone would dream to be Navjot Singh Sindhu and keep laughing like him. So keep laughing, someone someday will surely hire you for your talent.

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