Meet The North Indian Woman Who Is Married To ‘Five’ Husbands!

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Marriage is considered to be a sacred relationship where a husband and wife gets bond to each other for rest of their life. This relation of eternal togetherness is termed to be the most pure relation in the world. Living in a diverse country like India, a woman is not allowed to get married to more than one man. But today we brought you a story of a north Indian Woman Who Is Married To ‘Five’ Husbands.

Yes, you heard this true. This is the story of ‘Rajo’, a 21 year old girl, who is married to 5 men. Rajo lives in a village near Dehradun where she lives with her 5 husbands HAPPILY. According to the family, this is tradition that they have been following since ages.

rajo and her husbands

This tradition is there since ages and is supposed to be inspired from the pandavas the five brothers, who got married to draupadi together. This tradition may be awkward and surprising for few, but woman living in the areas of Himalayas and Tibet has been used to this. This tradition encourages the woman to marry the brothers of the family and the husband.

rajo has five husbands

One of the major reasons for marrying the same woman is due to a very small amount number of woman in the area. This is also called Fraternal Polyandry.

rajo in her house with her five husbands

Rajo, has a 18 months old kid but surprising none of them is clear about the actual (biological) father of the child. Rajo first married ‘Guddu’ her first husband and after him she married the others after the span of few years. All her husbands age from 18-34.

rajo family photo

Rajo is sexually active with all five of them and dedicates equal time for each of them. The family has no jealousy with each other because Rajo spends equal time with them and also share physical relationship with all of them equally and happily.  Rajo knew about this tradition since she was a little girl as her mother had to marry three men too. She believes that she is a lucky wife and gets a lot more love and attention than other wives.

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