Lingerie Decoded! Here Is What Your Lingerie Color Says About You

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There are various studies which prove, the colour of your lingerie can actually say a lot about your personality. Just like your personality can be judged by your makeup, eating habits and sleeping position, it can also be judged by the colour of lingerie you wear. While most of us prefer to wear white, cream and black’s there are so many colours to wear that screams out its meaning. So check out what lingerie you wear and what your personality speaks about you.

1. Pink

This is the most beautiful girl adored by most of the girls. If your friends or your guy needs to describe you in pink bra is “adorable, sweet and cute”. Girls wearing pink bra generally show the cuter side of their personality and also shows they are equally humble and down to earth. You’ve always been the baby of the group and you like a man that looks after you and treats you like the princess you know you are. Girls wearing pink bra are generally beauty oriented and they love to wear makeup and dress up with perfection.




Another classic colour is white. While most of the girls and women over 30 years of age prefer wearing white bra, it has lot more to say about you. Women wearing white bra says, they are different from others and prefer to be simple. They don’t depend upon other things to enhance their beauty, but all they know is beauty can be shown at right time, and not all the time. Wearing white bra also says a lot about your life, women wearing white bra generally focus on what’s important, whether that’s your career, your family or your hobbies, and everything else can take second place. White lingerie reveals a personality that is innocent, open to suggestions, but sometimes boring.

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3. Black

Whether it’s silk, cotton or just plain cotton, most of the women prefers black over black. Black have been all time favourite colour and it looks timeless and classic. Women wearing black bra generally loves to stay inexpensive and also love to show your figure with perfect cuts and stiches. You are a lady who is looking for a long-term partner to grow old with, but that doesn’t mean you want to miss out on all the fun. You’re a very sexy and seductive lady after all!


4. Red

Red being the boldest colour, most of the women doesn’t prefer this as a colour of your bra! While on other side, some women loves to wear absolute red coloured lingerie. If you wear red bra, it means you can be angry, very angry at any particular time. When you are in love, you would be determined with your guy and would always love him. Girls wearing red bra loves to stand out of crowd and can be a bit attention seeker. There is a real person hiding behind your red bra!


5. Orange and yellow colours

Warm colours like orange and yellow are not preferred by all, but then it depends upon your preference and your choice. Now create feelings of excitement and vitality, and can actually increase our blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory frequency. Having a lingerie beige or pale colour shows a natural, quiet and transparent personality. Such woman is relaxed and has nothing to hide. She may often talk quite a lot but this does not mean that her goals are not clearly outlined.


6. Nud3 Bra

There comes to no surprise that if you have a nud3 coloured bra that it is the best thing you have! Infact you can wear it every time and under any dress! The woman who wears such piece of underwear demonstrates to others that she is not shy to ask what he wants, but she might not always get it due to various other reasons. They are unique in fashion and take a pride in standing out of crowd.



Please do not think that when talking about lingerie, colour is the most important part. What is important is considering the quality of your undergarments and not the colour. Also do not think that changing the colour can actually change your character.

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