Menstruation As A Taboo In Different Religion

Riya Roy

Riya Roy

Hi! Cherishing life since 1996. I love to be around people who adore, respect and bring the best out of me.
Riya Roy
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We live in the 21st century, earlier things which people did manually are now being done technically, people have modernized in many ways but some or the ways people go with taboo or orthodox sometimes illogical followings. Just like ‘Menstruation’. Menstruation is a natural biological process that women undergo during a major period of their lives. But sometimes this topic is sensitive to many different religions and and it taken Menstruation As A Taboo In Different Religion.

Here we have a list that why Menstruation As A Taboo In Different Religion

1. Hinduism

In Hinduism religion, menstruating women are seen as polluted and impure. They are restricted from doing certain things. They are not allowed to enter the kitchen and touch other places in the house; they are seated at a specific place those 7 days. They are not allowed to go to temple, talk loudly, touch priests (Pandits), sleep on the bed. They are considered as untouchables.

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2. Sikhism

When it comes to Sikhism religion, they have a totally different view of women menstruating. They consider men and women equal and pure but not only other times, but also women menstruating. Guru Nanak showed a strong disapproval of the taboo women is impure when menstruating. The Guru makes it very clear that the menstrual cycle is a God-given process. There is no restriction on the women and she is allowed to visit gurudwara and also perform seva.

Sikhs Ladies In Menstruation

3. Christianity

In Christianity, women menstruating are considered as impure and unclean. In the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church, women menstruating are not allowed to touch holy books and items, not allowed to touch men. In the earlier times it was also believed that menstruating women’s gaze can affect the weather negatively.

Menstruation In Christainity

4. Islam

In Islam, during women menstruating are considered in accordance with the law of the uncleanliness of any blood. They are allowed to do all social chores in those days. They aren’t allowed to touch holy books and items, cannot enter the mosque, and even if she willing to do and follow some authentic rituals or services she is not allowed to. Sexual intercourse with her husband is strictly prohibited.

Muslims in Menstruation Period

5. Judaism

Judaism religion says about women menstruating that she’s unclean and impure. She’s not allowed to touch things in the house, sleep with her partner, touch people or other things in the house. If she sat on a cushion and someone else sits on it seems that they have also unclean now. After 7 clean days, she has to take a ritual bath which is called as Niddah.

Judes in Menstruation

6. Bahá’í Faith

The purity and cleanliness of the women menstruating is stated in Bahá’í Faith. A woman menstruating is no problem to the religion. They are allowed to do household chores and live their social life normally. They can pray and encouraged for it.

Menstruation Cycle

Menstruation is process where in a women is associated with womanhood and motherhood. These two phases are important of women’s life. We people have perceived menstruation has a wrong process and given it names of taboo and rituals even now. Scientific reasons behind menstruation should be taken forward and not superstitions.

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Hi! Cherishing life since 1996. I love to be around people who adore, respect and bring the best out of me.

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