9 Popular Red Light Areas In India

Riya Roy

Riya Roy

Hi! Cherishing life since 1996. I love to be around people who adore, respect and bring the best out of me.
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Prostitution in India is a very sensitive topic for everyone. You can even say it’s the largest business in the country even being illegal. Sex workers are forced sometimes or many of them get into this for their monetary needs. This topic even gets controversial sometimes. NGOs are taking steps towards prostitution and rehabilitation and giving them basic facilities. It is said that inspite of being illegal in India, such activities take place openly.

Check out the old and popular red light areas in India

1. Garstin Bastion road, Delhi

Delhi is always unknown for its controversial scenarios, and also for the largest prostitution area. It is also known as G. B Road. There are markets for machinery and vehicle parts on the ground floors and kothas or brothels above them. It’s exactly parallel to the railway lines of Old Delhi.

Garstin Bastion road, Delhi red light area

2. Sonagachi, Kolkata

Asia’s largest prostitution area is Sonagachi in Kolkata. More than 11,000 sex workers are there in Sonagachi. It is Located near the back of Ganges.

Sonagachi Kolkata, Prostitution

3. Kamathipura, Mumbai

In the ’80s, gangsters like Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim frequently visited Kamathipuram. It is the second largest prostitution area in India. The area also has a beedi factory which is also run by women. People there stay in very dirty and poverty condition.

Kamathipura Mumbai Red light area

4. Budhwar Peth, Pune

Pune is known for its cultured society and history. But some people don’t know about the third largest red light area in India, Budhwarpeth. More than 5,000 commercial sex workers are there. In the same area we can find electronics and books market.

Budhwar Peth Pune red light area

5. Ganga Jamuna, Nagpur

Ganga Jamuna the area is called as Itwari situated near Nagpur railway station. This place is not only famous and known for its prostitution but also for crime reports every now and then.

Ganga Jamuna Nagpur rand bazaar

6. Meergunj, Allahabad

The birth place of our first Prime Minister of India is not only the place and origin of history but now is a place of sex racquets and prostitutions. Forced prostitutions and illegal trafficking is very common there.

Meerganj Allahabad Red Light Area

7. Tilawala, Jaipur

Tilawala is village which is situated 30km away from Jaipur. The reason of the raise of this red light area is of low cost, the labors and gangsters from neighboring district’s land here for their leisure.

Tilawala Jaipur Red light area

8. Shivdaspur, Banaras

Shivdaspurv is located near Varanasi. In the holy place there are many brothels yet cheap ones. This area has seen prostitution since ancient times. Women run prostitution at homes inside the village itself.

Shivdaspur Varanasi Prostitutes area

9. Kabadi Bazaar, Meerut

Kabadi Bazaar is situated in Uttar Pradesh. The place is also known for 2nd hand automobile mechanism stuffs and repairing. Girls have purchased from orphanages and other places and brought here for prostitutions.

Kabadi Bazaar Meerut red light area

10. Chaturbhujsthan, Muzaffarpur

This largest city of northern Bihar for prostitution areas. This place has its old brothels since ancient times.

Chaturbhujsthan, Muzaffarpur rand bazaar

These are some of the ancient and popular prostitution areas in India.

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Hi! Cherishing life since 1996. I love to be around people who adore, respect and bring the best out of me.

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