Rules You Must Know Before Kissing Someone

Riya Roy

Riya Roy

Hi! Cherishing life since 1996. I love to be around people who adore, respect and bring the best out of me.
Riya Roy
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Kissing is not just an act but a feeling which you share with your partner. Kiss can be a great turn on for your relationship. But sometimes, a bad kiss can just take off and be stomach-churning. It’s necessary for you to know what rules to follow before kissing your partner.

Here are some tips…

1. Relax

You shouldn’t be stressed about the kissing act. Feel relax and stress –free. Being uptight and wondering how to kiss and how will the whole experience will be, is just going to stress you and will ruin the moment. So sit back and enjoy the moment.


2. Kissable lips

Nobody likes to kiss dry lips. It’s a slight turn on and a pleasant thing to kiss kissable and soft lips. Kissable lips can really talk and please you. So go ahead get your lips a little pampered.

Kissable Lips

3. Fresh breath

This is something you need to remember while you kiss your partner. A bad breath can just be a back off for your partner. Avoid eating things like onion, garlic, meat, etc. before you kiss. Or just have a mint or mouth freshener.

fresh breath

4. Go slow

Before kissing him/ her on lips plants some sweet small pecks on his lips, nose and forehead. It not only going fill up the moment but he/ she will feel loved. And then move back a little.

Go Slow

5. Look in the eyes

While planting him/ her sweet, loved kisses look into your partner’s eyes. This is will intensify your moment. As you move back stare at them with love and affection.

Look Into Eyes

6. Subtly open your mouth

Slightly part your lips and kiss them. Don’t open your whole mouth as if you are eating a burger. You are kissing someone’s lips and not eating their head so cool down.

Subtly Open Your Mouth

I hope these tips are surely helping all the first timer kissers there.

Enjoy the moment.

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Hi! Cherishing life since 1996. I love to be around people who adore, respect and bring the best out of me.

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