Whoa! This Shirt Allows Men To Masturbate In Public Without Getting Caught

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Do you feel like masturbating right now? There are many instances where you actually wanted to masturbate but you could not because of the public indecency. Visibly masturbating in public is not allowed anywhere but here is a shirt that will allow all men to masturbate in public. Now a p0rn company called CamSoda has created a shirt that will allow all horny men to masturbate in public without making it visible publicly. This Jerk shirt comes with prosthetic hand so that you can shake it up in incognito mode.


The prosthetic arm comes in a range of different skin tones, while it also comes with a splash guard for… again, that’s probably best left to the imagination. You can even personalize the shirt according to your skin tone so that it does not make it visible in anyway while you are masturbating. This p0rn company has officially confirmed that this shirt is a real thing and you can get it at $49.99 and can be shipped within 60 days.
Meanwhile, watch out the hilarious ad of jerk shirt here


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