5 Signs That Shows You Can’t Live Without Kajal

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Kajal is a good makeup in itself. Actually, it should not be included in the makeup list; it is a default product to be found in very girl’s wardrobe and purse. You don’t have a purse so there is no chance to carry a kajal with you, Swear on her jeans pocket and check them you will surely get a kajal pencil.

This is what we girls are; we love kajal to the sun, moon and back. Applying kajal is practiced from ancient times and was introduced some 100 years ago in India, if you don’t believe me just check out those childhood photographs of yours and come back to the post. If you are a kajal lover, you will swear on Kajal for your makeup and know very well that it won’t fail for you. Check out the 5 signs that shows you can’t live without kajal.

1. When you don’t apply kajal , people think you are sick.

I swear! I’m in a mood to enjoy the moments but my friends think I need some rest as I’m sick, just because I have not applied kajal. As it the habit for you to apply kajal before you leave home, it becomes a habit for rest people who observe you and your lovely eyes. You may also feel down sometimes because you haven’t applied kajal for the day. It boosts confidence in you.

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2. Keep checking that your kajal is in place or not.

Whenever you pass through a mirror and sometimes side mirror of cars too, the first thing you check is whether your kajal is in place or not. You just go crazy if the kajal falls out of your eye and starts rolling down in rest of your face. As soon as you feel your kajal has got a bit lighter, you reapply the kajal and fix it back to the place as soon as possible.

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3. Tried all the colours in Kajal , but black is your favourite.

Fashion changes every day and so thus the makeup product. Each day there is a superior product challenging other products with respect to its quality. You might have tried all those new launched colours in kajal for your eyes, but bounced back to black. Black is the only colour that makes your eye look fuller and attractive. It enhances your facial look overall.

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4. Tried almost many brands in Kajal and know what suites you the best.

There are many girls, who are well verse with different brands of kajal available in the market and what suites them well. They can also be a kajal guide for rest other girls. If you have moved from one shop to many other shops just because you wanted brightest shade of kajal, that you belong to a religious follower of kajal. Moreover, you are totally depended on kajal for your overall final look.

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5.You take care special while crying.

‘Ae pagal ro mat kajal nikal jaaega’ the popular dialogue between college and school mates. You cry your heart out but at the same time you always take care about the kajal that it doesn’t makes your face look black. As soon as you are calmed down, you rush towards the washroom and come back with kajal on your eyes. Hope you all found the post useful. Have a great day ahead and keep enjoying summer.

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I know that you will definitely agree with all above signs and you are also one of those who can’t live without kajal!

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