A Guy Spent $3.7M To Sleep With Megan Fox, What Happened Next Is Shocking

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There are lot of crazy thing going around and one among them is this guy spending millions to sleep with Megan Fox. He might have invested to buy a lavish villa or bungalow, but what he did was really crazy. He ended up decided that he would like to spend $3.7M to sleep with hottest and most popular actress in Hollywood, Megan Fox.


Do you think $3.7M for one night with Megan Fox was really okay? Well, I just cannot overcome with this fact that this guy wants to spend so much to sleep with Megan Fox. And even if he is spending, why just one night? I mean, is it fine spending so much money and getting just a night to enjoy?


Yu ‘Martin’ Xu, a successful business man claims to have been paid $3.7 Million to the agency. He claims that the agency claimed that they would help him hook with A stars actress if a huge amount if paid to them. However, now the agency defends itself saying, they did not promise to the man about getting hooked with A star actress and models. However, struggling with court and lawyers, the agency says they have contact with the A star actresses but don’t intend to do any such things.


The man has decided to file a suit in Supreme Court and we cant wait to see the results.

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