Sonu Nigam Spending A Day On The Mumbai Streets Is Shocking!

vilas patil

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There are so many insatiable desires in a person, no matter how rich you are. Here we brought you a story when a legendary singer, Sonu Nigam decided to spend a day on the local streets. The singer is in association with ‘Being Indian’ and decided to conduct a social experiment where he used enough amount of makeup to portray himself as a street artist. The Singer was singing songs for hours without being recognized by anyone on the streets.

Sonu Nigam went further explaining his motive to sing on the streets without being recognized by anyone. The singer said that he wanted to enjoy the little joys of life again and again and wanted to live a normal life like other street artists for one day. He was extremely happy when someone gave him few bucks because he was singing good. That is life, says Sonu Nigam.

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