Unbelievable! Mistakes In Sultan You Failed To Notice

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One of the most awaited movies, Sultan is finally here and Sallu Bhai is killing it along with Anushka Sharma with their raw energy. The movie, Sultan has taken the box office by storm and it is estimated that the movie will cross Rs. 100 crore in just three days. After Salman Khan is ruling the industry as a wrestler, wrestling is now a new cool, all thanks to Salman Khan and Bollywood. But there were some unbelievable Mistakes In Sultan that we all failed had notice

Meanwhile, Anushka Sharma aka Aarfa is also getting rave comments for her fabulous acting in the movie. Abbas Ali Zafar, there were few silly Mistakes In Sultan and none of us were able to found out. However, these technical errors cannot wash away the fact that the movie is fabulous and excellent.

1. While you were enjoying the wrestling power of Salman Khan, you failed to notice that the scoreboard read IRI, instead of IRA, for the Iran team.


2. Anushka wearing sharp hairpins! As a wrestler, you are not allowed to wear anything pointed inside the ring.


3. The makers forgot to change the color of Instagram, which is now pink and not blue.


4. Are you sure this statue is of Sultan Ali Khan? We are still wondering about it.


5. Salman lifts some kids, takes them to drink sugarcane juice and leaves them back to the same place. Salman totally forgets he has to leave them to school.


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