This Video Of Poonam Pandey Playing Rock Paper And Scissor Game Is Full Of Breast Hits

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Poonam Pandey has always known for her controversies and last time I remember, she posted her semi-nude photos of Virat Kohli. She has been the online sensation and more over people have been enjoying her sensuality and controversies.  The moment Poonam Pandey posts something, millions hits and likes are just a normal thing for the actress.


And this time, she is back with Rock Paper And Scissor Game. Do you remember this game from 90’s? Poonam’s style of playing this game was sort of dirty and that is the reason it is going viral everywhere.  She is playing Rock Paper And Scissor Game with a foreigner, and the rule of the game is Poonam wins she would hit (or I should say press) the breast of the opponent and vice versa.

Here is the video

Isn’t it too hot?

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